Virtual Hearing Room

The tailor made online hearing platform offers:

  •    Secure hearing rooms with parallel breakout rooms for each case
  •    Facility to make submissions as text, audio, video, documents 
  •    Secure recording and live-Streaming services  
  •    In built transcription services for real time and delayed transcripts of the hearings
  •    Stenographers who can join the hearings on a short notice
  •    Document unbundling services for fast access during the hearing
  •    Case Manager Assistance to ensure help is available every second of the hearing

Request Virtual Hearing Room

Welcome to the CORD Virtual Hearing Rooms registration form. Please pay attention to the accuracy of the details provided in order that the integrity and confidentiality of the proceedings are preserved. Please only submit one case per form. If you wish to use CORD Virtual Hearing Rooms for multiple cases then please fill out separate forms for each case.

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  • Video Recording of the hearing
  • Stenographer
  • Transcription
  • Case Manager Assistance
  • Primary Hearing Room
  • Tribunal Break-out Room
  • Claimant Break-out Room
  • Respondent Break-out Room
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